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Our Story

Truly You is a natural and organic skin care company based in New Canaan, CT. The company was founded by a 13-year-old entrepreneur who became passionate about using organic and natural products after having multiple breakouts on her skin as a result of battling eczema. 


"Ever since I was an infant, I have experienced the difficulties that come

with having eczema. Dermatologist appointments, one after the other;

the only solution offered was topical steroids. As I started to get older,

I was told that I would soon grow out of this skin irritation, but that

still came at a cost. When my friends and I would go shopping

together, all they wanted to do was go to the beauty store and

try out the latest hand cream or body wash. It was different

for me though. My skin couldn't handle all the chemicals

and perfumes within common beauty products. That's

how Truly You was born; out of a desire to be able to

enjoy the same skincare items as others but without harming

my skin!"

Highlights from NBC CT Interview: Click to See Full Interview


Our philosophy, here at Truly You, is to take care of your skin while not needing to feel like you are in danger of breaking out. We try to target the audience of people who can't always go out and buy the next big product because it could potentially harm their skin. We also make sure that our products are available to people who are just trying to live a healthier lifestyle; starting with the things they put on their body. We believe that beauty is natural and we can take care of skin with simple and pure ingredients. Our products contain all natural and organic ingredients that do not contain parabens, phthalates, or petrochemicals. We do not test our products on animals and have been approved to use  the license of PETA's Cruelty-Free Beauty Without Bunnies Program logo.


Our mission is to help people pamper their skin naturally. We know that there are so many chemicals used in products that can harm and irritate the skin. As a result, we believe that it is important to be as natural and organic as possible.

Join the Truly You Crew and never miss a thing!

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