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What our customers are saying about our products:

"As a regular connoisseur of body scrubs, I've been around the block a few times. Dozens of brands and homemade creations have sat in the alcove of my shower in my quest for the perfect product. I am thrilled to say Truly You has ended my odyssey! After receiving the Citrus Lemon Body Scrub for Christmas, I constantly marveled at how silky and glowing my skin was after an application. Indeed, my friends were constantly bombarded with the "feel my leg, you won't believe how smooth it is!" request. If you happen to be a human with skin, I implore you to stop living in the darkness; buy Truly You products."

- Liz 3/19

"I love using Truly You products! The lavender body scrub and lotion stick leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth with a beautiful light scent of lavender essential oil. The mint chocolate lip balm smells so delicious and keeps my lips moisturized and hydrated all day. Very pleased and would highly recommend these products to anyone who loves using all natural, organic skincare!"

- Danielle 12/18

"Love the shower body scrub! The scent smells amazing and my skin feels so smooth afterward. Way better than spending loads of money at other places. I also love the lip balm so much. The mint is so refreshing and delicious at the same time. I only have to apply it twice throughout the day. Definitely recommend to anyone who has chapped lips all the time like me."

- Jillian 5/18

"The Truly-You lotion sticks are truly-amazing!  I have the lavender stick on my bedside table, and grapefruit sticks on the kitchen counter and on my desk at work!  I use them all the time. . .and my hands and ankles stay beautifully soft, even through the winter!  I love the lotion sticks so much, I used them as the table favor for 70 women in a ladies golf invitational last fall. The women are still buzzing about their lotion sticks. They love the lotion stick design. . .you can apply the cream to your ankles or top of your hands, and your palms stay dry."

- Martha 5/18

"I really love Truly You products. I originally purchased them because of the natural ingredients and the claim that they were good for stressed skin. I was so happy to find that the scrubs were wonderful. Each one has a light scent, and feels great. Truly You scrubs made my skin so smooth and soft with no irritation at all. I loved them so much I wanted to share them. The packaging makes them beautiful for gifts and the service is amazing. Nicole, the owner, created gorgeous gift packaging for each gift I purchased.  These really are luxury products at a great price point."

- Kristin 5/18


"I have to say that the Lavender Body Scrub is the absolute best product. I have sensitive itchy skin and this product has cured that annoying itch. I love that I recognize and know the ingredients contained in the product and that this product makes my skin feel oh so good.  I also adore the Peppermint Foot Scrub for that just pedicure feel."

- Debbie 5/18

"I've been using Truly You products for over a year now.  My favorite is the Lavender lotion stick.  Not only does the lavender stick make my skin feel smooth and silky, but I also enjoy the soothing fragrance that stays with me throughout the day. I like the Truly You products so much, I've given them as gifts to my college-age daughter who has sensitive skin.  The Grapefruit body scrub is now her favorite body scrub!"

- Lana 5/18 


"I use the body scrubs and absolutely love them. They leave my face and body so refreshingly clean and rejuvenated." 

- Patty 5/18


"I have to say how amazing these products are. I have used the Pink Grapefruit Scrub which is wonderful. I have dry elbows and have never found a product that could help till I started using this. Truly You products are awesome."

- Sue 5/18


"I've been using the Truly You Lavender Body Scrub for over two years now and I simply love it. I've tried other products and I consistently find Truly You products are better for my sensitive skin. Knowing they are organic and healthy makes me feel good about what I am putting on my body. I highly recommend these scrubs. They smell great and leave you skin feeling wonderful!"

- Margaret 5/18

"I love these products! I bought them for all of my sisters and they all agree! Your skin feels so soft after using them!"

- Gail 4/18

"I have to say that I LOVE the lotion stick. In the Hamptons this weekend and about to go out and it was so nice and easy to just rub on my legs before going out to dinner!!!. And it gives such a nice glow, too!" 

- Katherine 7/16

"My mom absolutely loved the body scrub and I even tried it over the weekend. It's fabulous! It's amazing that after those scrubs, your body feels completely moisturized afterwords."
 -Victoria 12/15

"I liked the products very much. I especially like the scrub because it left my skin smooth unlike other brands that leave your skin dry and rough. I felt like I didn't need a moisturizer afterwords."
 -Donna 10/15


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